SexArt – Party Boat 1


Andrej Lupin’s hedonistic new SexArt series, “Party Boat,” opens with a bevy of beautiful bikini-clad models enjoying the sun, sea and sexy atmosphere of the gorgeous Spanish island of Mallorca. The girls drink, dance and flirt; and as Nancy massages lotion over Rosaline Rosa’s tanned skin the amorous atmosphere prompts her to lean in and kiss her friend’s lips.

The kiss quickly grows heated, Nancy sliding her hand into Rosaline’s bikini bottoms to stroke her pussy. She peels off the flimsy costume and spreads more lotion over Rosaline’s lovely legs, crouching between her thighs to lick and finger her pussy until she orgasms. As Nancy sheds her bikini bottoms and gets on all fours, Margot wanders out onto the deck and catches them. She is soon naked too, the three entwined in an orgy of kissing, licking, fingering fun.

Margot eats Rosaline as Rosaline eats Nancy, and when the blonde beauty has come, she and Rosaline double up on Margot, giving her an intense climax. The girls rejoin their partying friends, the carefree ‘anything goes’ vibe sure to make you want to book your next vacation…