SexArt – Ode To Beginnings – Aleska Diamond & Denisa Doll


“Ode to Beginnings” is an interesting curiosity – shot in June 2012 in Budapest, it was the first movie that director Alis Locanta ever created for SexArt, and represents the birth of the visionary flair that has made him one of SexArt’s guiding lights. A huge departure from the style of the time, it is shot on a handheld camera and features rapid cuts of Denisa Doll and Aleska Diamond pleasuring each other over the classical strains of Debussy’s “Clair De Lune.”

A tender and intimate scene of their liaison are juxtaposed with harder-edged vignettes of the pair in lingerie, coupling more roughly. As Aleska instructs Denisa to lift her skirt and begins to undress her slowly, gazing into her eyes, the languid sensuality contrasts thrillingly with the more forthright sexuality of the interposed segments, creating a swell of erotic tension that hints at a complex and multi-faceted relationship between the pair. “Ode to Beginnings” is a fascinating glimpse into the seeds of Locanta’s signature style, as well as a stirring work in its own right – sensual sex video