SexArt – Memento – Second Act


“Memento – Second Act” follows very closely in the stylish footsteps of the first offering in Alis Locanta’s intriguing series. Mango A continues in the lead role, and the style and format will be pleasingly familiar to those who’ve seen the “First Act.” And the thoughtfully downcast mood, the mysterious atmosphere, and the ominous overtones remain — there are still major pieces of this story that remain hidden. Lola Réve costars, and Mango, in black and white footage signifying present time, muses on events of the past, revisited and replayed in color imagery. Once again the end of a romantic affair — or at least a separation — frames the events.

Lola’s suitcase is at the ready or being packed prior to her departure, and the sexual encounters take place prior to Lola’s eventual departure. While the plot may be somewhat cryptic, and the narrative deliberately non-linear, the sexual encounters are focused, concentrated, intensely romantic, and powerfully erotic. In the first of the two critical scenes, Réve is assertive, if not dominant, savoring the task of pleasuring Mango nearly as much as her pretty partner, who quickly achieves a vocal climax. Later it’s Mango who takes the lead, kissing, eating, and fingering Lola to climax in a hallway of their cliffside home.

As “Memento – Second Act” wends its way to the episode’s end Mango A is, once more, all alone, with only her memories to keep her company, leaving the viewer satisfied, intrigued, and hungry for answers that may — or may not — be revealed in the next act of “Memento.”

Actors: Lola Reve / Mango A