SexArt – Love For Sale Season 2 Episode 2 – Celebration


For the second episode of the second season of his “Love For Sale” series, director Alis Locanta dispenses with some of the cosmic introspection of the previous installment and travels four years back in time to chronicle Chloe Amour’s first (and unplanned) experience as an elite escort. Frustrated by the bad attitudes and lousy tips dispensed by men in the saloon where she’s working as a barmaid, Amour begins to down shots between paying customers.

But as last call nears a handsome and charming American, Tyler Nixon, takes a seat at the bar, orders a drink, and explains that he’s in Barcelona on business and that tonight is a “Celebration” of a successful trip. Chloe and Tyler strike up a conversation that lasts until well after closing time, and in the wee hours of the morning they retire to Nixon’s hotel room. Mutual attraction inspires the interlude — Nixon smiles with delight as he caresses and undresses Amour, and Chloe is equally pleased to be in the company of such a tender, kind, and attentive partner.

Once they’ve helped each other out of their clothing Chloe gives Tyler a protracted blowjob, rarely taking her eyes from his, stroking his shaft skillfully between inhalations, and bringing the American expertly to the very brink of orgasm — when Nixon involuntarily exclaims “Oh wow!” his sincerity and the intensity of the moment is undeniable. Amour then straddles Nixon, takes his cock in her pussy, and begins to ride. After rolling her onto her back, Nixon eats Amour’s pussy, tugging at her lips, stroking her clit, and savoring her steamy succulence.

After Tyler has fucked Amour to orgasm — with an able assist from her own fingers — Nixon bangs the slender beauty from behind before spurting prolifically all over her pussy and ass. When the morning comes Amour is alone, Nixon is gone, but he’s left her with two gifts: a stack of euros and a new career, making this episode of “Love For Sale 2” a particularly memorable “Celebration.”