SexArt – Getaway 2 – Lady Bug & Melody Petite


Cute Melody Petite celebrates her freedom with her new friends Lady Bug and Ariel Piper Fawn, as episode two of Andrej Lupin’s uplifting erotic series “The Getaway” begins. The sexy Hispanic babe and her girlfriends dance on the stunning Lanzarote shore, then have fun at a bar, flirting with the handsome barman, Alberto Blanco. But Melody only has eyes for gorgeous Lady Bug, slow-dancing with her and then taking her to bed. They undress each other between frantic kisses, Melody pushing Lady Bug’s legs high and wide to eat her pussy voraciously. She laps at her clit as she pushes wet fingers into her tight slit, making her cum explosively.

Moving into spoons, Melody continues to finger-bang her new lover’s drenched pussy from behind, the intensity of the sensations driving her wild; then straddles her face in a passionate sixty-nine. Melody rocks back and forth over Lady Bug’s face, still stroking her juicy pink slot as she gets licked to orgasm. She lies back and the sexy blonde sucks on her dark nipples and puffy clit, giving her another powerful climax. It’s the perfect start to a life-changing romance.