SexArt – Free House E3 – Capture


Sexy housekeeper Katy Rose shows up to clean the house that Maxmilian Dior is looking after for friends and catches him naked, as episode three of Andrej Lupin’s sizzling erotic series “Free House” begins. He chases her to apologize and she doesn’t shy away, flirting, pulling off his towel, and stroking his cock to full rigidity in the hallway. She makes it clear who’s in charge, encouraging him to pull off her jeans and panties and lick along her shaved pussy’s tight slit as he finger fucks her. She leans back against the wall for support, moaning with pleasure.

Taking control again, Katy kneels to suck her new friend’s long pole, flickering her tongue all around the head and sucking it deep, eyes wide and cheeks hollowing. She turns around and wriggles her ass in invitation, and he slides in and screws her from behind, hard and fast. Katy goes wild with every thrust of Maxmilian’s deeply penetrating cock, her body undulating with arousal, until she’s howling and slapping the mirrored wall as the powerful sensations overwhelm her.

Maxmilian slides to the floor so Katy can stand over him and grind her soaked pussy on his mouth. She straddles him, feeds his erection back inside her pussy, and rides him slowly, savoring his mighty length and girth with every downward stroke. She soon loses control, arching her back and strumming her clit, her body shuddering as another intense orgasm sweeps through her. Maxmilian lifts Katy up, throws her legs over his shoulders and power drives his cock relentlessly in and out of her juicy pussy. The faster he fucks the wilder she gets until she hits her triple climax. She finishes him off with her hands, sending his hot load spraying over her thighs, both of them breathless and flushed from their unexpected encounter.