SexArt – Firework – Meggie Marika & Samantha Bentley


Lovers Meggie Marika and Samantha Bentley watch a firework display at the start of Andrej Lupin’s aptly titled “Firework” – an explosive example of Sapphic cinema at its most real and intimate. Back home they ignite their sex fuse with intense embraces and kisses before Meggie exposes Samantha’s breasts, sucking hard on her erect nipples. She yanks off Samantha’s underwear and starts lapping at her furry pussy, then goes wild with her fingers, which accelerates Samantha to boiling point. Within moments Samantha’s body shudders uncontrollably in the throes of an intense orgasm.

Without pausing, Samantha removes Meggie’s jeans, their bodies intertwine and they shower each other with more kisses. Meggie smiles as Samantha slides between her legs and starts eating and frigging her pussy, mirroring what had already transpired between them. The unrestrained penetration causes Meggie to groan erratically and thrust her body hard onto Samantha’s rapidly jerking fingers, indicating she’s almost there. Samantha makes her fingers fly faster and harder inside Meggie’s audibly soaking snatch until she climaxes – loud enough to drown out the liveliest firework display. They gaze at each other, expressing a look that only lovers possess, their passion incandescent.