SexArt – Broken – Carrie A & Vanessa Decker


“Happily ever after” provides the optimistic ending for fables and fairy tales. But in real life sadness is often unavoidable. Bad things happen to good people. Loving couples fall out of love. Arguments erupt. Vows are broken, and along with them, hearts. Andrej Lupin has chosen a gray day in Prague to tell the story of two women — Vanessa Decker and Carrie A — who have both reached turning points in their personal lives.

Heartbroken and despondent, they contemplate the sadness of their circumstance and consider a future that is anything but clear. And then fate intervenes. They meet. They commiserate. They bond. And in each other, they find a way forward, a way to put the past in its proper place, a way to rediscover themselves while discovering each other. Drawn together by common experience and a desire for change, they find a private place where they can act spontaneously, without shame, and reclaim their right to experience the joy of intimacy anew. Vanessa is the more assertive of the two, at least in the beginning.

After kissing with a rapidly growing passion she strips Carrie, bends her over, and strokes her pussy before fingering her to a powerfully cathartic climax. Even as her own ecstasy subsides Carrie eagerly begins pleasuring Vanessa using her mouth and two plunging fingers to probe and pump her impromptu partner to a much-needed climax. Glowing with shared pleasure the two lovers smile as if for the first time — love, lust, pleasure, and hope are all around them and the future is suddenly a bright and inviting prospect. As “Broken” so skillfully demonstrates, when one thing breaks, the best remedy is often to start something new.