SexArt – My Summer Part 1 – Max


Sexy surfer babe Candice Demellza smiles to herself as she recalls a fun encounter with Maxmilian Dior, as episode one of Andrej Lupin’s steamy erotic series “My Summer” begins. Nursing his hangover on the beach, Max remembers the previous night’s partying, which saw him and the Romanian beauty sneak into the bathroom to make out frenetically.

Candice shoves her hand into his shorts to stroke his stiff cock as he sucks her nipples; he kneels and tugs her bikini panties aside to lick her shaved pussy until she’s dripping wet. Standing, he thrusts into her tight slot vigorously, making her gasp and squeal. She flings a leg over his shoulder so he can penetrate her deeply, fucking her right through an intense orgasm and then a second. Candice turns and bends over the vanity so Max can slam into her from behind, driving her to another noisy climax before shooting his hot load over her cute ass.