SexArt – eMemories III – Kiara Lord & Joel Tomas


Alis Locanta’s “eMemories 3” utilizes the same device — photos and video stored on a smartphone — that was employed in the two previous installments of the series, but it also differs from them in one dramatic way. The debut of the series explored a lesbian relationship, the second was a single-girl story, and “eMemories 3” features a woman and a man — Kiara Lord and Joel Tomas. When we meet the couple the mood is melancholy.

They sit together in silence and a suitcase in the background explains the downcast mood — the lovers are about to be separated. Then Lord begins to browse through photos on her phone. These “eMemories” of the loving couple during a happier day in their lives together lift the mood and put smiles on both their faces. And they also inspire a session of pre-departure lovemaking. In a bedroom bathed in warm, bright sunlight they savor every kiss, each moment of contact, aware that their time together will soon come to an end, if only temporarily. They kiss lovingly and nearly constantly as they help each other disrobe, and then Kiara treats Joel to a long and loving blowjob that eventually segues into a sixty-nine.

Joel’s probing tongue soon proves too effective for the mutual oral to continue, and Lord moves onto her back and they begin to fuck — here Locanta’s lens moves in close for vivid, screen-filling images of their physical union. The lovers finish in the cowgirl position and Kiara Lord — making a particularly impressive Sexart debut — is wonderfully expressive when the climax finally occurs. “eMemories 3” takes the title into new territory and the result is beautiful, moving, and certainly memorable.