SexArt – Campus Episode II – Living Here


Daily life at a residential college takes a turn for the torrid in Episode II of Andrej Lupin’s “Campus” series. Subtitled “Living Here,” the film begins with Roxy Mendez performing routine chores. She puts a load of laundry in the washing machine, then heads to the kitchen to wash the dishes. After accidentally splashing water all over her clothes she retreats to the bathroom in search of something dry to slip into. As she disrobes, another student — Tracy Smile — is admiring the view.

Unable to resist, Smile joins Mendez and mere moments later they’re kissing and caressing with passion. Mendez is so quick to arouse that the couple hastily exit the bathroom to take advantage of a temporarily empty communal bedroom. With Mendez spread out on a bunk, Smile slides down her voluptuous body and proceeds to eat and finger her spontaneous playmate to a vigorous and vocal orgasm.

Mendez then proves she’s as adept at dispensing sexual delight as she is at receiving it, and she kisses, licks, strokes, and finger-bangs Smile to an extended and obviously enjoyable climax. Two beautiful and bosomy student bodies enthusiastically engaged in lusty lesbian action add a welcome helping of heat to higher education in “Campus Episode II – Living Here.”