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Romantic, sensual, and passionate sex videos – you can say it for this site. Yes, this is “porn site for women”, but it’s more than that.

Did you get bored from low-quality, short, cheap videos? No story to tell, bad acting and camera, everything looks so artificial. Sex is always the same, same poses and scenes? Faked orgasm, false lesbians… For a long time, all porn looks the same! 🙁

Babes production is the first step out of that mess. Better story, better shooting, longer foreplay, better models. It is still the mainstream porn you know and like, but better.

Now comes Bellesa Films. It is a quality mainstream porn production but oriented to women. As they say “The premier destination for all things female sexuality”. And continues “At Bellesa, we believe that sexuality on the internet should depict women as they truly are – as subjects of pleasure, not objects of conquest. Bellesa is a platform on which community members can find free porn videos, read intimate erotic stories, explore sexual health articles, shop for sex toys, and watch the best HD porn, made specifically for you”.

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And now something completely different! There is a woman called Erika Lust, who became one of the leaders of the feminist pornography movement. No, they are not men-haters women, and their films are not all-lesbian-no-dick. They stand for more women inclusive porn industry. Erika is involved with the sites listed below, visit them and see how it looks like. Different.

For XConfessions is said “We shoot explicit short films based on the best anonymous confessions we receive. If your confession is chosen, you are rewarded with a free access pass to the site”. And “If you’ve been searching for quality films that showcase women’s pleasure in a sex-positive and sexually intelligent narrative created from relatable fantasies, look no further”

Again I’ll quote: Lust Cinema aims to challenge the porn industry standards by promoting the cinematic possibilities of the medium, high-quality storytelling and a realistic representation of human sexuality and sex”. And a review: “One of the best features on the site is the Netflix series style of porn that engages actors over a period of short films to further a storyline”

When was the last time you watched a good erotic (not porn), romantic film? As they say “Struggling to find hot movies on Netflix? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Erotic Films is home to the finest softcore content so if you’re looking to bring more sensuality and seduction to your life then look no further”.

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